How to prevent green swimming pools in Phuket

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Nothing beats a clear, cool pool on a summer’s day, many  Phuket pool owners discover that their pool looks a lot less appealing after a serious storm, or heavy overnight rain making it cloudy or even green water. 

While the rain itself wont generally harm your swimming pool, it can dilute and change rapidly the chemical balance of the pool water. Rain water and run off water from storms can add chemicals like nitrates and phosphates into the pool that excessively alter your pH levels and dramatically reduce the active chlorine levels, any fast rapid changes to water chemistry will allowing algae to establish left untreated this will allow any algae spores  to grow, they then can rapidly multiply which is why your clear pool can turn green overnight. 

A pool full of algae isn’t just ugly it presents potential health problems for swimmers that can develop into skin irritation, ear and eye infections, and gastrointestinal sickness.  Fortunately, with just a little extra maintenance we can quickly return your pool water to its proper state, or even prevent clouding problems before they start. 

How to prevent green pool water before it occurs.

The best way to keep your pool water clear is to prevent rainwater from diluting the active chlorine in the first place. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, pull the pool cover over the pool before any periods of long rainfall. If you don’t have a pool cover, you can get a back up[ plan by adding algaecide to the pool water and remove any organic debris (leaves flowers dead insects before the rain arrives.

Why removing debris from swimming pools is important.

Removing any leaves, twigs or branches that are in the water and then vacuum up any debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool this  will reduce maintenance. You still need to check the filters as well as remove debris from the skimmer baskets to make sure they dont get clogged with organic matter.

Whats the quickest way to cleaning a swimming pool 

Ok so if your pool went green overnight theres likely a chemical imbalance possibly due to rain or the fact you havnt seen the pool cleaner guy in weeks.

The quickest way is to call us out the fastest way to remove green suspended particles is filtration – your filters wont work and you need a temporary  diatomaceous earth cartridge filter

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